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Medication Therapy Management and Med Sync

Medication Therapy Management is a service designed to help patients understand their medications, from when they are supposed to take them, how to take each one and which disease the medication is treating.

Myers Apothecary can help you keep track of the different medications you take on a daily basis and help you understand how each one fits into your healthcare plan.

Furthermore, your pharmacist can answer any questions regarding side effects or interactions that may be harmful including interactions with over the counter medications.

Taking many different medications throughout the day is not only frustrating when you forget but even more frustrating when you have to visit the pharmacy several times a month or worse, a week.

Luckily, we have a service that allows us to help reduce your trips to the pharmacy through a program called Medications Synchronization.

This simple idea but very effective service can and will reduce your trips to once a month or even once every 3 months depending on your insurance plan.

We will take the time to sync all of your medications to 1 single pick up date and put an end to making several trips to your local independent pharmacy, even though we love to see you.

This service is offered at no charge and will not only reduce your trips to the pharmacy but will also allow you to be more adherent to your medications.

Ask us today how to get setup on our Medication Synchronization program today.